Support our demands to party leaders and the new city council of Nijmegen

Sign now for a sustainable, clean, biodiverse and fair municipal policy in Nijmegen!

Are you curious what the execution of our demands could look like? Read the explanation

The climate crisis and the ecological crisis are real emergencies. Although that doesn’t seem like it yet, the science is crystal clear about it. It is almost too late to keep our world livable. But we can still turn the tide! Every municipality in the Netherlands must then take its responsibility, including the municipality of Nijmegen. The council has already declared the climate emergency. Party leaders and new city council, act accordingly!

The Climate Coalition Nijmegen has drawn up 10 requirements for a sustainable, clean, biodiverse and climate-just Nijmegen:

  1. Be honest: We’re in a crisis!
  2. Set up Citizens’ Assembly for climate in Nijmegen!
  3. Speed up the transition to sustainable energy, and share the burden fairly!
  4. Make Nijmegen green & biodiverse!
  5. Stop big polluters & make our air clean
  6. Switch to a sustainable bank!
  7. Free public transport and fewer cars in the city!
  8. Introduce the Donut Economy in Nijmegen: ecological, social & circular!
  9. All construction projects should be truly sustainable, nature-inclusive and fair!
  10. Sustainable and healthy food for all!

You can sign as a person but also as an organization. The signatories broadly support the climate coalition’s demands to the party leaders and the new city counsel.

We call on the municipality to start immediately with the implementation of our demands

Save the Date- March 12 Climate Day in Nijmegen

The climate coalition Nijmegen calls upon the party leaders and the new city counsel to take the climate crisis seriously.

Climate Day – Saturday March 12

We demand decisive policy for Climate Justice – you too? Come to our Climate Day on 12 March!

The next few years are of great importance for achieving a green, clean, biodiverse and sustainable Nijmegen. On 16 March, a new city council will be elected. The Climate Coalition Nijmegen has 10 demands for climate policy in the next 4 years. Do you want your voice to be heard?

Come to the Koningsplein on March 12 to make your demands known to the new council!

On March 12 we will also provide a varied program on sustainable initiatives in Nijmegen! Come and learn about these sustainable initiatives. Would you like to know something about the urban ecology of Nijmegen? Or would you like to go grocery shopping without all the plastic packaging? Then come along on March 12!

Read more about the measures we -concerned citizens and organizations in Nijmegen-, demand!

Solidarity demonstration sunday @Sterrebos

The Sterrebos forest near Born is in danger of being cut down. Below we copy the call of “Red het Sterrebos”. Save the forest keep the tree, along with job security!

The organisations in solidarity with the Sterrebos (including climate coalition Nijmegen) that earlier took the initiative for the declaration of support are now calling for a big protest on Sunday February 6th at the Sterrebos:

On Friday 28 January, a brave group of forest protectors occupied the Sterrebos . They protested against the construction of a factory hall on the site of this 18th century forest full of (protected) species. In times of climate disruption and loss of biodiversity, the cutting of the Sterrebos is an absurd project.

VDL Nedcar tries to mislead workers into thinking that without felling they will lose their jobs. However, the factory could also be built elsewhere on the site. Save the forest keep the tree, along with job security!

Despite an enormous police presence, nightly harassment by private security guards and a storm, the forest protectors, high up in the trees in hammocks, are still hanging on. With our action, we want to show the forest protectors our love!

This Sunday, we will travel from all over the country to the Sterrebos in Born, in Limburg. At 14:00 we will protest in favour of the forest protectors and against the cutting down of the Sterrebos.

We will arrange shuttle buses from train stations in the region to the demonstration. We are also working on organising busses from the Randstad, so that as many people as possible can be at the demonstration.

Share this call in your organization and network. In the coming days, we will come with updates with final practical information!


De bus from Amsterdam goes at 11:00, near the entrance of Station RAI, en drives via Utrecht to Born.
De bus fromt Utrecht departs 11:30, from de Galgenwaard Herculesplein 241.
De bus from Rotterdam depats 11:00 from Alexandrium, Korte Poolsterstraat 2.
At 16:30 alle busses depart, for Amsterdam (via Utrecht) and for Rotterdam.
For further questions you van send email to jelledegraaf -at-

Train: We will run shuttlebusses and a somewhat larger bus between the Sterrebos en Sittard train station from 12.30 on.

Groeten Anna, Casie, Ewout, Janneke, Jelle, Jesse, Joke, Kasper, Thomas

Gelderland citizens panel project

We are sorry, but only the lead of this item is currently available in English. Do you enjoy making translations? Send us and email and get involved:

How do you want to be involved in the Gelderland Climate Plan?

Until 15 November 09.00 hours, residents of Gelderland can convey how they want to be involved in updating the Gelderland Climate Plan. The questions are part of the broader question about how residents want to be involved in drawing up the provincial energy policies in Gelderland. Kieskompas carries out the studies on behalf of the province. The complete questionnaire can be found via

Veranderen kan en moet
De klimaatverandering heeft grote gevolgen voor onze leefomgeving en onze gezondheid. Daarom dat we internationaal afspraken maken zodat we de opwarming van de aarde beperken tot het aanvaardbare. Dat is niet gemakkelijk, gaat tientallen jaren duren én raakt onze gehele manier van leven. We gaan anders wonen, reizen, eten, recreëren. De vertaling van de nationale klimaatdoelen naar regionale schaal heeft de provincie gedaan in het Gelders Klimaatplan. Dit is opgesteld in samenspraak met diverse organisaties, bedrijven en kennisinstellingen.

Gelders Klimaatplan
In het Gelders Klimaatplan staan de maatregelen die we als provincie Gelderland willen nemen en welke maatregelen er nodig zijn in Gelderland. Voor dat laatste moeten ook bedrijven, organisaties én inwoners in beweging komen als ze dit al niet zijn. Dan gaat het bijvoorbeeld over elektrisch rijden, overschakeling van de industrie op hernieuwbare energie, natuurinclusief voedsel verbouwen en bouwen van woningen met hout. (link naar Gelderland klimaatneutraal?)

Gelders klimaatplan van ons allemaal
Het Gelders Klimaatplan wordt steeds aangepast aan de meest recente cijfers, innovatie en omstandigheden. Bij dit proces van aanpassingen wil de provincie meer inwoners op individueel niveau betrekken zodat het een klimaatplan wordt van alle Gelderlanders. Hoe dat moet gebeuren? Dat zijn de vragen die nu in de enquête van Kieskompas zijn opgenomen.

Gelders Panel
Kieskompas voert de onderzoeken uit onder een representatieve groep Gelderlanders, door het Gelderland Panel in te zetten. Meedoen kan via het panel of via sociale mediakanalen van de provincie. Eerdere onderzoeken én meer informatie is te vinden op: Denk met ons mee (

What to do after the climate march 2021?

Thanks a lot to all of you who joined the Klimaatmars yesterday!

We were with more than 40,000 people and thus the biggest Climate March in the Netherlands so far! This is amazing and would not have been possible without you!

However, one important message we took from yesterday’s speeches is also that many many more people publicly demanding climate justice will be needed to bring about the deep going systemic transformations that are necessary! Thus, we need to build stronger and enlarge our movement – step by step.

The next important date in the Netherlands will be the 12th of March. Many decentral actions will take place then, just before the municipal elections! So put the 12th of March already in your agenda!

And also consider joining the movement even more actively. We need you! As Meina from the National Climate Crisis Coalition put it yesterday: This Climate March has been organised by about 500 volunteers. Among these were also us from the Klimaatcoalitie Nijmegen – postering, flyering, mobilizing on social media to encourage as many Nijmegnaren as possible to join the Klimaatmars. What if, instead of 500 people, all the 40,000 who attended the march yesterday had helped in one way or another to make the march even bigger? History has shown over and over again that mass movements can bring about great changes. This is what we need now as well – and you can help make it possible!

Please consider joining us or another local, national or international climate justice group! There are thousands of ways in which you can contribute, also if you are an introvert, don’t like being among masses of people or only have little time!

If you are interested in joining the climaat coalition Nijmegen, check out this description of our working groups:

Have a good Sunday and see you all soon hopefully!

Nijmegen Goes to the Climate March

Will you help us make the Climate March on 6 November the biggest the Netherlands has ever seen? Then come along on 22 October on a (bike) tour through Nijmegen to mobilise as many Nijmegen citizens as possible for the Climate March! We need you for flyering and talking to people on the street!

Datum: 22 oktober 2021, 12:00

Plaats: Grotiusgebouw Montessorilaan 10 6525 HR Nijmegen

The Route

We will start at 12:00 on the campus (near the Grotius building). During the lunch break we will pass several faculties on the RU and HAN campus. Then we will cycle together to the city centre, to reach as many people as possible there. We end at the railway station between 15:00 and 16:00

November 6th

At the beginning of November, world leaders will gather at the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow. This is the moment for massive protest. In all corners of the world, people are taking to the streets to encourage political leaders to take action. This is also the case in the Netherlands: on 6 November, we will be going to Amsterdam en masse!