What to do after the climate march 2021?

Thanks a lot to all of you who joined the Klimaatmars yesterday!

We were with more than 40,000 people and thus the biggest Climate March in the Netherlands so far! This is amazing and would not have been possible without you!

However, one important message we took from yesterday’s speeches is also that many many more people publicly demanding climate justice will be needed to bring about the deep going systemic transformations that are necessary! Thus, we need to build stronger and enlarge our movement – step by step.

The next important date in the Netherlands will be the 12th of March. Many decentral actions will take place then, just before the municipal elections! So put the 12th of March already in your agenda!

And also consider joining the movement even more actively. We need you! As Meina from the National Climate Crisis Coalition put it yesterday: This Climate March has been organised by about 500 volunteers. Among these were also us from the Klimaatcoalitie Nijmegen – postering, flyering, mobilizing on social media to encourage as many Nijmegnaren as possible to join the Klimaatmars. What if, instead of 500 people, all the 40,000 who attended the march yesterday had helped in one way or another to make the march even bigger? History has shown over and over again that mass movements can bring about great changes. This is what we need now as well – and you can help make it possible!

Please consider joining us or another local, national or international climate justice group! There are thousands of ways in which you can contribute, also if you are an introvert, don’t like being among masses of people or only have little time!

If you are interested in joining the climaat coalition Nijmegen, check out this description of our working groups:

Have a good Sunday and see you all soon hopefully!