Support our demands to party leaders and the new city council of Nijmegen

Sign now for a sustainable, clean, biodiverse and fair municipal policy in Nijmegen!

Are you curious what the execution of our demands could look like? Read the explanation

The climate crisis and the ecological crisis are real emergencies. Although that doesn’t seem like it yet, the science is crystal clear about it. It is almost too late to keep our world livable. But we can still turn the tide! Every municipality in the Netherlands must then take its responsibility, including the municipality of Nijmegen. The council has already declared the climate emergency. Party leaders and new city council, act accordingly!

The Climate Coalition Nijmegen has drawn up 10 requirements for a sustainable, clean, biodiverse and climate-just Nijmegen:

  1. Be honest: We’re in a crisis!
  2. Set up Citizens’ Assembly for climate in Nijmegen!
  3. Speed up the transition to sustainable energy, and share the burden fairly!
  4. Make Nijmegen green & biodiverse!
  5. Stop big polluters & make our air clean
  6. Switch to a sustainable bank!
  7. Free public transport and fewer cars in the city!
  8. Introduce the Donut Economy in Nijmegen: ecological, social & circular!
  9. All construction projects should be truly sustainable, nature-inclusive and fair!
  10. Sustainable and healthy food for all!

You can sign as a person but also as an organization. The signatories broadly support the climate coalition’s demands to the party leaders and the new city counsel.

We call on the municipality to start immediately with the implementation of our demands