Overzicht van de cirkels (werkgroepen)


Dank voor je interesse in de klimaat coalitie Nijmegen!

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What we stand for

We seek to be as accessible as possible to organisations and individuals interested in contributing to the climate movement in Nijmegen. Our aim is to bring together different climate, environmental and social justice organisations in Nijmegen, as ‘Climate Coalition Nijmegen’ to display a united front in the name of climate justice action. Our motto is: Connect for Climate Justice!

Our climate activism is based on scientific evidence. We seek to provide an inclusive, anti-discriminatory (including queer, feminist, anti-ableist and anti-racist) environment, underlining the role of intersectionality in climate activism.

Join a circle!

The Climate Coalition uses a sociocracy system for decision-making. This means that decisions are made at the level of ‘circles’. A circle is a sub-group of the coalition that is devoted to a certain task, e.g. action planning, networking, or meeting facilitation. Circles have decision-making power over their specific topic. If you want to become active in the Climate Coalition Nijmegen, you can choose to join one or several circles.

At the moment we have the following circles:

Networking & (Social) Media Circle

  • Keeps in touch with the organizations that are part of the coalition: make sure important information is transferred both ways (e.g. newsletter)
  • Recruits individuals and/or organizations that might want to join the coalition
  • Keeps in touch with climate coalitions in other cities (stay up to date & forward the information)
  • Contacts and informs (local) media/press when we have actions
  • Updates social media channels (instagram, facebook, twitter)

You can join us via https://t.me/joinchat/1BZ3QGJvvZ44MjIy

Action Circle

  • Plans, organizes and executes actions (perhaps when we have more members this circle can be limited to planning the action (coming up with ideas) and getting a team together to actually organize and execute it)
  • Stays informed on planned national actions and forwards this to the coalition

You can join via: https://t.me/joinchat/MOC0OxsH0AtmNzk0   

Education Circle

  • Organizing educational activities: workshops/talks/etc.
  •  Team building activities for the coalition members
  • Produces educational social media posts that the Networking & (Social) media circle can post

You can join via: t.b.a

Research Circle

  • Stays informed on the current trends in local politics regarding climate policy
  • Informs the coalition about this
  • Thinks about how we can influence these decisions

You can join via : https://t.me/joinchat/aQdc6BvNDRVjNjVk 

Facilitation & Integration Circle

  • Welcomes new members (integration)
  • plans general meetings
  • keeps an eye on inclusivity, rules/code of conduct 
  • includes a trust person (regarding code of conduct)
  • compiles summaries from all circles before general meetings  
  • does not take decisions for everyone, does not stand above other circles

You can join via: https://t.me/joinchat/kW-MhJdYcRw0MDdk 

Website Circle

  • Maintain and updates our website, klimaatcoalitienijmegen.nl

You can join via: https://t.me/joinchat/d5tD6DryACY3Mzg8 


If you want to join any of the circles (or are interested and need more information about a circle), you can either send us an email to info@klimaatcoalitienijmegen.nl, or join the telegram group of the circle of your interest via the link provided above! 

Looking forward to see you around!